PowerMail version 6.2.1

What's new in PowerMail 6.2.1 ?

• OS X 10.9 Mavericks support 

Complete rewrite of the networking code following Apple's retirement of OpenTransport in Mac OS X 10.9

• Disk image now includes version 2.9.9 of the SpamSieve eval installer

This release is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

What was new in PowerMail 6.1.5 ?

• Stability improvements

Fixed a frequent crash when dragging an HTML message to a different folder (or to the trash).

• Bug fixes

When dragging an unread message to a different folder (or to the trash), it is no longer marked as read.

• Includes the latest optimizations of the FoxTrot search engine

What was new in PowerMail 6.1.4 ?

• Gatekeeper Compatibility (Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion):

Version 6.1.3 could fail to launch when Gatekeeper is enabled (i.e. allowing only applications from the Mac App Store or identified developers)

• Increased performance:

Includes the latest optimizations contained in the core FoxTrot search engine .


Disk image now includes the latest SpamSieve published version at time of release

What was new in PowerMail 6.1.3 ?

• Keychain compatibility

Version 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 had an issue when storing passwords in the Keychain, on Mac OS 10.6 (version 6.1.1), or on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 (version 6.1.2).

What was new in PowerMail 6.1.1 ?

• OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatibility

PowerMail is now a signed application, so it can be installed on 10.8 with no Gatekeeper warning.

• Bug fixes

Some received attachments were incorrectly named using the message's subject

Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons had lost their icon on 10.7.3

“Speak” filter action failed to speak accented text, when using non english voices.

What was new in PowerMail 6.1 ?

• Mac OS X 10.7 Lion:

Focused enhancements to ensure compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

• Increased performance:

The search index now compacts itself automatically for much improved performance, especially on large indices.

Kinder URL encoding:

Implemented a long-standing request from several users to no longer wrap outgoing plain-text messages at 78 characters. This will help recipients of PowerMail messages whose mail clients did not honor RFC 1738 for the formatting of URL's in between "<" and ">" marks.

• Improved export:

Messages are now systematically re-encoded, to make sure that body lines starting with "From " will be encoded as quote-printable, hence they will not be treated as a message separator.

• Bug fix:

Copying an email address from the simple header's contextual menu did not work

What was new in PowerMail 6.0.6 ?

Fixes the systematic bug when attempting a low-level rebuild in 6.0.5

Software updates can now optionally send anonymous system information to CTM Development

What was new in PowerMail 6.0.5 ?

Multi-lingual spell checking:

On Mac OS X 10.6, PowerMail now supports the new multi-lingual spell checker ("automatic by language" option).

Performance improvements reported by several testers

PowerPC compatibility:

A compatibilty issue has been addressed for PowerPC machines under certain circumstances.

Non-administrator account:

PowerMail now asks for the administrator password when needed, instead of complaining that the disk was not write-enabled, when ran from a standard Mac OS X user account.

German localization:

Fixed a bug in the German localization.

Updated SpamSieve:

Disk image now includes version 2.8.2 of SpamSieve

What was new in PowerMail 6.0.4 ?

• Search speed optimizations:

Includes update to the core FoxTrot search engine, which includes further performance optimizations

• Updated the build system to Apple's latest XCode - Performance gains observed as a result of the new compilers

• 64-bit Spotlight plugin: On Mac OS X 10.6, this enables faster indexing of PowerMail messages from within Spotlight, FoxTrot Professional Search and FoxTrot Personal Search which are now also 64-bit enabled.

• 64-bit QuickLook plugin: On Mac OS X 10.6, this enables optimized viewing using the Quick Look function.

 • Fixed a possible corruption of the SpamSieve scripts

• Disk image updated to include SpamSieve 2.8.1

• Fixed a bug in the German localization

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6; PowerPC (G3, G4 or G5) or Intel processor.

Known issues

• Some rendering issues may remain in rich text or HTML messages due to limitations in Apple's Webkit support for Carbon apps, notably when clicking/double-clicking URL's and printing

• Certain ISPs now add so many headers to a message (such as anti-spam headers) that the sender name is sometimes not displayed in the summary IMAP fetch. Please remember that PowerMail has a lightweight IMAP implementation and that it was designed around the premise of having messages stored locally (i.e. POP3-fetched) and indexable. Hint if this condition occurs: copy the IMAP messages into a local folder (i.e. the local In Tray), as this will fetch them completely.

The consummate client for fetching, managing and searching e-mail, now offers many new features:

• Casual-use styled-text to create HTML-formatted messages

• Optional indexing of HTML-parts

• Modern Finder-like lists

• Ability to find and view message threads

• Quick Look display of text, graphic and multimedia attachments within the application

• Display of messages in Finder and FoxTrot Professional without PowerMail launched

• Address book synchronization with MobileMe and e-mail coexistence with iPhoneMail

• Batch import of mail databases and address book from Apple Mail and Thunderbird

 Match and merge imported folders into existing folders

• Two-click export of all mail folders and address book to Apple Mail and Thunderbird

• Mail archiving to circumvent the 2GB single-database limitation

• Service messages and notifications via Growl

• A filter debugger can log in clear text how a message is processed 

• Made the application self-updating upon launch; download once and auto-update to revised builds.

• Automated purchasing/registration process using Kagi within the PowerMail for immediate satisfaction.

• Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6) compatible

PowerMail 6 new features

After over 4 years of offering free feature upgrades to PowerMail 5 users, including native Intel compatibility, CTM introduces PowerMail version 6, an evolutionary upgrade encompassing over 50 enhancements including long-awaited user requests. 

Designed to fully embrace Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and integrate well with iPhone, Time Machine, Spotlight, Apple Mail import/export and other modern technologies, PowerMail also delivers the latest in 3rd-party services integration, from Growl notification to Kagi instant purchasing, from Smart Reports to auto-updating application services. Click any topic here to start your navigation tour of PowerMail 6 enhancements large and small.

What people say about PowerMail

Beth Livingston, self-described "PowerMail fanatic since 1999", Durham, NC, USA

Here is how well PowerMail works, and how much I love it:

I just searched my old email files (I am a hopeless email packrat!) and in less than 2 seconds, PowerMail's search feature found the email I wrote on Jan. 8, 1999, thanking my friend who had recommen-ded  PowerMail for my Mac at that time. 

I recently re-indexed my entire PowerMail database and yes, I have over 60,000 emails. I would have never known it - it just cruises along effortlessly! 

So I can tell you I've used it for over 10 years; it is a simple, elegant program that has made every necessary upgrade over the years in a nearly transparent, flawless form.  It runs cleanly, never hogs resources, and does exactly what I tell it to.  And when I recently had a question, I got nearly instant responses from the online help contact. A happy shock, in contrast to most other tech support out there (or lack thereof).  

The only problem I have ever had with it is that when my ISP has a problem, they've never heard of PowerMail, so they like to try to blame it for THEIR problems.  So could you folks PLEASE boost your profile and get the name recognition and respect you absolutely deserve?  In fact, please could you just take over the world?  

Walter Tsujiyama, San Francisco USA :

"PowerMail  is noticeably better than Outlook Express 5; it's more Mac-like, faster, and has hundreds of elegant, near-invisible details that create a great user interface. Definitely worth many times the €49." - Walter Tsujiyama - SF

Versiontracker.com user comment [mfmm] :

"Enormously superior to Spotlight; it allows you to search file content for phrases, to use and/or searching and to search by wildcard. You can change the search string in mid-search and it responds instantly, without Spotlight's long delays. Easily reveals any found result in its context. Much more efficient than Spotlight in narrowing down search results to highlight just the ones you want.

Where Spotlight has an advantage is in automatically indexing new files as you create them. With Foxtrot you either schedule the indexing to run at a set time or do it manually. Takes about 20 mins to run through 145,000 indexed files on my 933 iBook, which is not bad. Absolutely first class product."

Janie Angus, Nevada USA

FABULOUS PRODUCT ! Wonderful ! A real Spotlight Killer ! I'm now able to locate content in documents that I KNEW was there but Spotlight couldn't find.

Until now using Unix product "Locate" to take up the slack, but FoxTrot Personal Search is far more efficient and displays a preview of the file when you hiighlight it."
Janie Angus, Nevada USA

www.macgeneration.com :

"En débarquant sur mon disque dur, PowerMail a signé l'arrêt de mort d'Outlook."


PowerMail FAQ

Updating database from earlier version

Before moving to PowerMail 6, we recommend you make a backup of your existing PowerMail files folder, preferably on an off-line volume or in a compressed archive.

Upon first launch, PowerMail 6 will offer to create a new database or convert your existing data. The process will require enough disk space to contain another copy of your PowerMail files, and will compact your data before first usage.

If you ever wish to go back to PowerMail 5, simply restore the messages archived as above.

How can I import address book data from Claris Emailer version 2 into PowerMail

PowerMail can import address book files exported as text from within Emailer 2. You can even drag a selection of Emailer entries and drop them on the PowerMail address book window directly !

What is the ”smart encoding” option for attachments

”Smart encoding” uses system settings (editable in the MisFox control panel supplied on the disk images advenced tab, or in Internet Explorer’s ”Receiving files/file helpers” preference pane) to determine if a file can be encoded using Base64 (if it does not contain essential information in the resource fork), or if it should be encoded using AppleDouble.

 Note that a .jpg file containing an icon and a preview in the resource fork will be sent in Base64 (so it will loose it’s icon and preview) when using ”smart encoding”, because it’s resource fork is not considered as essential information for a jpeg file. If you want to send a .jpg file with it’s icon and preview to mac users, but you want that windows users can also decode it, use AppleDouble (however, windows users will receive an additional unusable file that contain the resource fork).

I can’t select and copy text from a message

You can’t select text from an HTML message in PowerMail in the same way as a text-only message. To select text in an HTML message, double-click at the beginning of your selection, and shift-click at the end to create a hilighted selection.

Alternatively, you may can click on the globe button, which appears at the bottom of HTML messages, to display them in your web browser, where you will be able to select and copy text. You can also deactivate HTML display from the preference, to display the text only version of the message.

I get an indexing error when starting or quitting PowerMail

If you get a ”can’t open the index file” error when starting PowerMail, you need to rebuild the search index from the file / database menu. Note that if you try to quit PowerMail without rebuilding the index, and you have set PowerMail to empty the trash folder before quitting, this situation will prevent you from quitting PowerMail.

One of my folders is empty, or some messages are missing

Make sure the ”view all” item, in the view menu, is checked. The status of the ”view unread” menu is saved for each individual folder. In some very rare circumstances, however, some messages can disappear… in this case, launch PowerMail while pressing the command and option keys, and check the ”rebuild the sort indices” checkbox.

Why does PowerMail refuse to send some attachments using Base64 encoding

If a file type is known to contain essential data in the resource fork, it will be corrupted if you send it using base64 or uuencode attachment encoding. You can edit which file types or extensions are considered as ”macintosh files” using MisFox or Internet Explorer’s file helper preference pane.

Where do I find additional spell checkers for use with PowerMail

PowerMail 2.4 used to ship with its own, licensed spell checker… users had then pressed us to implement an open mechanism for dealing with the approach that they select rather than the one we force unto them. As a result, there are now many spell checkers that PowerMail is compatible with.

Where can I find out more about attachment encoding formats ?

MacUser wrote about encoding attachments in their February 1997 issue. 

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