FoxTrot Attaché Search for iOS

FoxTrot Attaché

What is FoxTrot Attaché Search ?

A companion product to FoxTrot Professsional Search and FoxTrot Personal Search, Attaché lets you search your Mac-generated index files and read their essential text contents on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS version 5 and above. Obviously, the larger screen size makes the iPad a preferred platform for viewing documents, but search works just as well on small screen devices. 

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FoxTrot Attaché Search features

- Multiple index files may be copied over using iTunes - one index file is searched at any given time, but can rapidly be switched in preferences

- Display of the text essentials from the original document. The spectacular compression and speed of this approach enables you to carry around 20 years of email correspondence in your pocket !
- An icon indicates the type of document that the text was extracted from: PDF, HTML, Mail, Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, PowerPoint/Keynote, plain text, source code, chat, contacts, calendar, image, video, audio, folder, other file/document

- Search realms:

- - Contents, metadata or file name

- - Metadata or file name

- - File name

- Within a search string, search on:

- - All of the words

- - At least one of the words

- - Consecutive words

- - Exact string

- - Neighboring words

- - Complex search patterns, multiple criteria-search with and/or/not, wildcards and more supported via the FoxTrot Advanced Search syntax

- In found documents, URLs, email addresses and phone numbers are automatically enabled for to send an email, place a phone call, schedule an appointment or open a web page

System requirements 

While we have focused the seed on iPad customers due to the comfort brought in viewing documents in larger screen size, we have designed FoxTrot Attaché Search to work on the iPhone and iPod touch as well. The only system requirements are that you operate iOS 5 or greater, and have iTunes on a Mac that has access to your FoxTrot Indices.

Getting started

Once the app has been installed, locate the index file you wish to copy. There are three ways to do this:

1) In FoxTrot Pro's Manage Indices window, double-click on the chosen index; or

2) Use the Finder's Go menu, "Go to folder" item and paste: ~/Library/FoxTrot/; or

3) Press the option key while selecting the Finder's Go menu in order to make the Library folder openable.

Then copy your chosen .ftindex files onto from the FoxTrot folder to the FoxTrot Attaché Search App in iTune's File Sharing pane for your connected device

Then launch FoxTrot Attaché Search on the iOS device. Search. Enjoy.


The entire focus of FoxTrot Attaché Search is on performing high-speed full-text searches on the text component of your documents. Since version 4.1, we also allow the inclusion of source documents as well


Please join the FoxTrot-Search Google group at

and supply feedback there please. We are trying to run an efficient and compact discussion on fine-tuning this companion product to FoxTrot Professional Search and FoxTrot Personal Search.

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