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Beth Livingston, self-described "PowerMail fanatic since 1999", Durham, NC, USA

Here is how well PowerMail works, and how much I love it:

I just searched my old email files (I am a hopeless email packrat!) and in less than 2 seconds, PowerMail's search feature found the email I wrote on Jan. 8, 1999, thanking my friend who had recommen-ded  PowerMail for my Mac at that time. 

I recently re-indexed my entire PowerMail database and yes, I have over 60,000 emails. I would have never known it - it just cruises along effortlessly! 

So I can tell you I've used it for over 10 years; it is a simple, elegant program that has made every necessary upgrade over the years in a nearly transparent, flawless form.  It runs cleanly, never hogs resources, and does exactly what I tell it to.  And when I recently had a question, I got nearly instant responses from the online help contact. A happy shock, in contrast to most other tech support out there (or lack thereof).  

The only problem I have ever had with it is that when my ISP has a problem, they've never heard of PowerMail, so they like to try to blame it for THEIR problems.  So could you folks PLEASE boost your profile and get the name recognition and respect you absolutely deserve?  In fact, please could you just take over the world?  

Walter Tsujiyama, San Francisco USA :

"PowerMail  is noticeably better than Outlook Express 5; it's more Mac-like, faster, and has hundreds of elegant, near-invisible details that create a great user interface. Definitely worth many times the €49." - Walter Tsujiyama - SF

Versiontracker.com user comment [mfmm] :

"Enormously superior to Spotlight; it allows you to search file content for phrases, to use and/or searching and to search by wildcard. You can change the search string in mid-search and it responds instantly, without Spotlight's long delays. Easily reveals any found result in its context. Much more efficient than Spotlight in narrowing down search results to highlight just the ones you want.

Where Spotlight has an advantage is in automatically indexing new files as you create them. With Foxtrot you either schedule the indexing to run at a set time or do it manually. Takes about 20 mins to run through 145,000 indexed files on my 933 iBook, which is not bad. Absolutely first class product."

Janie Angus, Nevada USA

FABULOUS PRODUCT ! Wonderful ! A real Spotlight Killer ! I'm now able to locate content in documents that I KNEW was there but Spotlight couldn't find.

Until now using Unix product "Locate" to take up the slack, but FoxTrot Personal Search is far more efficient and displays a preview of the file when you hiighlight it."
Janie Angus, Nevada USA

www.macgeneration.com :

"En débarquant sur mon disque dur, PowerMail a signé l'arrêt de mort d'Outlook."

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