Using PowerMail with other languages than English

PowerMail has been specifically designed to be world-ready. Great care and emphasis has been placed on using all enabling technology from Apple and making sure that PowerMail is particularly well-adapted for non-English users, including users of non-Roman script systems such as Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. PowerMail can send, receive, index, search, and decode mail messages in any of these languages or script systems, including multiple languages and scripts within the same message. Note that some script systems are currently not available in PowerMail, (hebrew, arabic or greek for example), due to a change Apple have made in Mac OS X, but we plan to support them again later.

Character sets

In general, dealing with non-Roman script systems and character sets and decoding of messages is transparent and does not require any intervention by the user, with the exception of setting a couple of preferences. See the section below on Character sets preferences for more information on these settings. These preferences affect only the way that messages are sent. PowerMail tries to encode messages for maximum compatibility regardless of the character set specified in the preferences. (For example, if you specify ISO-Latin 1, but your message does not contain any characters outside the US ASCII range, PowerMail sends the message using US ASCII character set for maximum compatibility. This is automatic and requires no intervention from the user.)

Messages are always decoded using whatever character set they had when they were sent. (Some messages, particularly in Japanese, are sent with no indication of their character set, although this is in violation of the MIME specification that governs character sets. In such cases, PowerMail uses the "Preferred language family" setting to decode the message, but you can specify the character set to use from the Mail / Text Encoding menu)

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