Once you have your account or accounts set up correctly, you should find that connecting to accounts, sending and receiving mail, and managing messages is incredibly easy and trouble-free. If you have trouble setting up your account or accounts, the information below may help you resolve problems. Most problems involve incorrect information entered into the Accounts dialog when setting up accounts. In all cases, you will need to know the account information from your network administrator or Internet Service Provider and to enter the pertinent information EXACTLY correctly into the appropriate field of the Accounts dialog. In particular the address, password, and SMTP host information must be correct.

Odd behavior (messages not sending, database errors...)

Before trying anything else, launch PowerMail with the option- and command-keys down. This will invoke PowerMail's built-in recovery facility known as PowerMail First Aid.


If you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) account to provide a network connection over a phone line, when you choose Connect from the Connection menu, PowerMail tells your modem software to dial up a connection to your ISP account, if a connection isn't currently established (depending of your PPP options, in the Network pane of the System Preferences). To send and receive messages, you must be able to establish a connection.

If you cannot establish a connection, ensure that the Network pane of the System Preferences is configured correctly , and that your ISP account is configured for PPP access. Your ISP representative should be able to assist you with configuring your network software.

POP accounts

For POP servers that do not support "UIDL" command, make sure that "Retrieve messages left on server again" is checked in the Advanced pane of the Receiving tab of the Accounts dialog.

To set this option:

  1. Select Mail Accounts from the Setup menu. The Accounts dialog box appears.
  2. Select the appropriate account in the list (it must be a POP account).
  3. Select the Receiving tab
  4. Click the Advanced disclosure triangle. The POP advanced options pane appears.
  5. Check "Retrieve messages left on server again".
  6. Close the Accounts dialog.

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