Multiple users on one computer

PowerMail provides mechanisms for multiple users to use the program on a single computer, each with his or her own set of message folders, preferences, address book, etc.

To create a new environment for a different user:

  1. Choose "New user environment" in the File / Database submenu
  2. Choose a location and name for the new file.
  3. Click Save.

PowerMail creates a new folder containing an entirely new user environment with the name and location you chose. This includes a mail database, preferences, and address book, and everything else you need to use PowerMail.

You can create an environment for each user. Once these have been created, you can access the environment for a given user by double-clicking that user's Message Database file, or by choosing "Switch user environment" in the File / Database submenu. You may wish to create an alias for the Message Database file and give it the name of the user. Then, to activate that user's environment, simply double-click the appropriately named alias. For example, if you have created user environments for Martina and Kim and created aliases for their Message Database files using their names, Martina can activate her PowerMail environment by double-clicking the alias named Martina, and Kim can activate hers by double-clicking the alias named Kim. This makes it possible for several users in a home or small office context to user PowerMail on a single computer while maintaining separate e-mail environments including messages, addresses, and preferences.

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