FoxTrot Professional-specific feature list

Client access to FoxTrot Search servers

Beyond searching your own machine, FoxTrot Professional enables you let you connect to both workgroup-level FoxTrot peer-to-peer servers (enabled with 5-user licenses) and dedicated FoxTrot Search Servers (included with 10-user licenses and higher).

Document preview & secondary searches

In addition to Previewing or Quicklook-ing a document, FoxtTrot Professional provides a complete environment for reading documents in stand-alone windows, complete with a secondary search ability to hilight a distinct set of words.

For PDF documents containing a table of contents, FoxTrot Professional will count and hilight results as found under each chapter.

Expanded metadata search keys

Beyond FoxTrot Personal Searches three search keys:

- Contents, any metadata or file name

- Any metadata or file name

- File name

FoxTrot Professional offers four additional metadata search keys:

- Name, subject or title

- Author, contact or recipient

- Keyword or comments

- Other metadata

Faceless index updating

FoxTrot Professional contains a faceless background process which will honor the settings for automatic index updating even at times when the main FoxTrot Professional application is not running.

History, bookmarks and templates

FoxTrot Professional keeps a dated history of all searches performed and documents that it opens. Both can quickly be recalled by a double-click in the History section of the bookmarks window

These and other searches can be dragged for specific storage into the Bookmarks folder

In order to store only the criteriae elements of a bookmark for use as a starting block in a future search without actually performing the search itself, drag it into the Templates folder

Multiple Indices

Different kinds of data have distinct requirements for access and update. Reference material may be reindexed manually every fortnight, while frequently updated portions of your Documents or Mail folder may be best served with hourly reindexing.

By enabling the creation of distinct indexes for distinct "worlds" of data, FoxTrot Professional also lets you choose which context(s) to search within.

Multiple-criteria searches

Neighboring words search

FoxTrot offers a unique mechanism for selecting the proximity of words to be searched for.

Open and search web pages

FoxTrot Professional can be used as a specialized web browser; after using "Open Location…", you can use all of FoxTrot's document-level search features on the fly to quickly create a list of relevant, hilighted terms in a webpage.

Whereas Safari 3 will only enable the hilighting of one word or sequence of words, FoxTrot will build a list of occurences for every term or, if the string is between quotes, of a specific sequence of words. Leading and trailing wildcard characters (*) can be also be used to find terms.

Search string specifier and boolean operator popup menu

FoxTrot Professional's specifier popup menu determines how words typed into the search field are taken into account.

You can choose to:

- Include all of the words

- Include at least one of the words

- Include an exact phrase

- Include neighboring words

- Not include words

- Not include an exact phrase

- Match a search pattern

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