FoxTrot Personal Search


See far beyond Spotlight

"I know it's there somewhere"… have you ever felt the frustrations of having to rewrite a document that you just know existed, only to be unable to find it with Spotlight ? The frustration seeking a tidbit of information in you Mail, PDF or Word files without just narrowing down the right file ?

Get a grip on your documents folder and archived media

What's new in FoxTrot Personal Search:

FoxTrot Personal Search is a unique and robust document search application for Mac OS. Built on top of CTM's FoxTrot Search engine, FoxTrot Professional Search builds an index file from selected document folders on your hard disks, making their contents accessible in a split second. Supporting over 300 documents and metadata types, FoxTrot Personal Search supersedes Spotlight searches for most of these cases, while supporting all the file types for which Spotlight metadata importers exist as included in many third-party applications.

How it works

All common document types (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Apple Mail…) and any document type for which a Spotlight metadata importer plugin is present (over 300 file types altogether) get indexed and become searchable using three different search keys.

Multiple search windows

Open as many search and preview windows as needed, and once you think you've narrowed a selection down, open them with the application that created them.

Search from any application

Thanks to the FoxTrot system menu, a search can be initiated even if FoxTrot Personal is not yet launched.

Automatic index updates

And once it is launched, you can set FoxTrot Personal Search to update you index as often as needed. Volume scans are quick, and only the most recently modified documents get reindexed.

FoxTrot Personal Search typically pays for itself in the time saved when using it intensely for the first half hour.For users with small-scale or occasional document search needs, FoxTrot Personal delivers the fastest, most focused and precise way to find data in your files. 

Based on CTM Development‘s revolutionary FoxTrot search engine - used in  more than 41 countries and 24 languages by users of CTM‘s PowerMail - FoxTrot Personal Search brings high performance document retrieval and indexing to your most important files. 


Dynamic categorization In order to "zero in" on the documents which really matter, FoxTrot lets you narrow the number of hits by clicking on several categories, which are dynamically generated based on the information and content of found files. This advanced process, derived from scientific investigation techniques, lets you successively tag hits by file kind, age or parent folder. Dynamic categorization is a unique FoxTrot feature.

Flexible relevance ranking Typical searches yield too many results: FoxTrot Personal Search‘s exclusive ranking mechanism weighs each search result, and displays most relevant documents first. If you‘re overwhelmed by the number of matches, a slider setting will repeat the search with a more discriminating eye.

Take a walk on the wildcard side One of FoxTrot's secrets for precision and speed is that it searches exactly on the search terms. If however you wish to find terms starting with a given

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